Get on track this week

It’s the top of the week and we wanted to empower all caregivers out there to start it off feeling amazing!

 This 2-minute read shares 6 tips for making use of your CURRENT resources that will help to keep you in a great mental state!

If you need anything, let us know!  

A quick read to put you on track this week as a caregiver..  

  1. Stay connected to your community.
  2. You are not alone in this. (Milestone has a private Facebook community you can join when you work with us)
  1. Be mindful of your own physical/mental health. That way you’re strong for those in your care. Be open to improving.
  1. Never stop learning how to improve your skills as a caregiver. (Milestone offers free, ongoing training to our Foster Parents) 
  1. Organize and schedule everything. Having your own routine, will minimize unnecessary juggling & stress.
  1. Give yourself credit. You are doing challenging work. Take a moment now to feel gratitude towards yourself for your commitment to being the best caregiver you can be!

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