How many children should I foster?

In this post, we look at some of the factors to consider when deciding whether fostering single children or multiple children is best for you. As a private foster care agency, we are asked to support placements for 1 – 4 children within a single family home. So, how do YOU decide which number of children is right for you?

During the application process our recruiters will help you to determine the right number of children for your home. We will consider the size of your home, your support system & the make up of your family. 

If, in the end, you choose to foster 1 child at a time, you are likely to become a foster parent to

  • An infant
  • A teenager
  • A child with a higher need for support (social, emotional, health or behaviour challenges)

If, in the end it is determined that you would be ready to support more than 1 child, you will likely become a foster parent to:

  • Siblings who cannot be placed with family (or extended family or a community member), or;
  • Children who represent a population that has been identified, by you, as an area of interest or expertise (teens, children with FASD, ASD, etc). 

We look forward to helping you to make the best choice for you, your loved ones & the children who will be joining your family!

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