[Discover] How to help children in your home to listen!

We get it! In a distracting world, getting the children in your care to listen to you can be EXHAUSTING! This brings about the age old question; how to get children to listen to you!? We put together a few easy & helpful tips for you to try out! 

How to get the children that you care for to listen to you better.  

  1. Do not start talking until you have the full attention of the child. If needed, get down on their level (and we mean literally….get down on the ground or sit on the couch if it will help with eye contact). 
  1. Don’t just repeat yourself over and over. If you don’t have any acknowledgement from them, child, SLOW DOWN and QUIET DOWN. Use the slow and quiet approach to explain that you are waiting to talk until you have their full attention. As long as they are not in danger, wait, if needed. 
  1. Use simple language – Be clear.
  1. Minimize the number of words that you use – Be concise. 
  1. Be compassionate about how THEY view the conversation. Were they busy and engaged in a fun activity when you interrupted? Do they feel confronted or defensive? When you lead with compassion, you WILL choose the most successful approach. 

We hope these tips help to get children to listen to listen to you. Do you have any tips on how to get children to listen to you? We would love to hear them. Leave your tips in the comments section below.

Good luck!!!

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