Children & COVID-19. How you can help!

Nearly a year ago, the World was significantly changed with the arrival of Covid19, drastically changing the reality we live in. Changes like these are difficult enough for adults to handle, let alone children. Whether you are a foster parent, teacher or youth worker, these tips can help you navigate the new reality and assure the children looking up to you that things will be ok.

Welcome their questions. With so much uncertainty around Covid19, kids are going to have questions. Encourage them to ask and, whatever the questions are, take your child’s concerns seriously. Your goal is to help the children in your care be heard and get the most accurate information to help them have peace of mind.

Set the tone. Look at these talks with your child as an opportunity not just to state the facts but to set an emotional tone. Filter the information you hear on the news, so it’s easy for the child to understand and doesn’t instill excessive fear.

Be reassuring. It’s a good idea to reassure your child that few kids are getting sick and that they’re unlikely to catch it. With an overwhelming increase in cases being shared through the media, make sure your child knows that you’re doing everything to keep them safe.

Deal with your own anxiety. Be cognizant of the state that you’re in and if it makes sense to talk with your child at that given time. We know this is hard for everyone. So make sure you’re in a good place mentally to have conversations about Covid19 with the children in your care.

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