5 Very useful parenting tips

We have compiled five very useful parenting tips to help you on your journey. These parenting tips are useful whether you are a new or expecting parent, as well as if you have been parenting for some time. Keeps these five parenting tips in mind to help guide your child and maintain a healthy balance of respect in your household.

1. Identify your child’s strengths – Identifying your child’s strength can build dignity & self-esteem. When we do this, we empower children to move into the direction of self reliance.

2. Excessive punishment is not as effective as using praise or rewards. Rather than focusing on where they lack, find ways to assist the children in your care in developing his or her true potential. Encouraging children helps them acquire talents to compensate for any deficiencies. 

3. Do your best to control negative and emotional reactions. If your child is being irate, your highly emotional responses will only worsen things. Use simple language in a calm tone to bring overly heightened energy.

4. NEVER compare siblings. Make sure there is no favoritism and all the children in your care feel equally important and cared for.

5. Parent by example. Think of the kids in your care as little ‘machines’ who will mimic everything that you do. If you behave the wrong way, you are permitting them to act in the same way. Be mindful of how to practice self-care and do your best to lead by example.

We hope these parenting tips help you and your family foster a loving and respectful environment for your children. Have some helpful parenting tips of your own? Feel free to share them with us, we are always looking for new and thoughtful insights.

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