Milestone Foster Homes

Applying To Be A Foster Parent

In order to become an approved foster home for MFHs, you must own or rent a detached house, semi-detached house, or townhouse. MFH does not place children in the basements of any home unless it has a full walkout basement. In addition, you must possess a working computer, be online, have a working email address, and have access to a fax machine. There are no exceptions to these rules. If you are not sure please call and ask us.

  1. Please click here and fill out our Foster Parent Screening Tool. You must answer every question otherwise we will return it to you.
  2. Once we have assessed your screening tool and deemed you to be suitable we will contact you by phone to conduct a short phone interview. In addition, we will set up an initial home visit. We ask that the primary caregiver/s for the foster children be in attendance for this visit as well as as many other family members as possible.
  3. When we arrive for the initial home visit we will be happy to answer any questions that you may having regarding being a foster parent for MFH. In addition we will conduct an initial home inspection and provide you with the details as to what will be required in order to get your home to ministry standards for fostering. We will then present your home and family to the MFH selection committee. You will be advised as soon as possible whether we will be proceeding with your application.
  4. If we are proceeding with your application we will then contact you and direct you (and all people who live in the home and who are 18 years and over) to apply for a Criminal Records Search with Vulnerable Sector Screening included. This is a requirement to apply to be a Foster Parent and therefore MFH does not reimburse you for this. The criminal records checks can take from 2 weeks to 2-3 months to obtain depending on whether or not you are required to be finger printed. MFH must have the original copy of all documentation.
  5. While you are waiting for your Criminal Records search we will email you a package containing the following:
    • Application Questionnaires
    • Home Study Outline
    • Medical Examination forms
    • Hepatitis B Waiver Forms
    • A Document Checklist
    • Current Training Schedule
  6. Once you receive this package you may schedule yourself in for training through the Training Coordinator. MFH runs a full training schedule once a month.
  7. After completion of your training our Recruitment and Training Coordinator will contact you to schedule your home for a Home Study Assessment Visit. It may take several visits in order to complete your Home Study Assessment.
  8. A second home inspection will be completed at the time of the Home Study Assessment visit.
  9. Once the Home Study Assessment and all training and checklist items have been completed you will be scheduled for a Final Home Inspection. This inspection will be completed by the Director of Placement and at this time all items on the Home Inspection need to be compliant for the home to be opened. In addition, your independent Service Agreement will be presented to you for signing and your Foster Parent per diem rate will be set.
  10. Your home is now an approved foster home and is eligible for children to be placed in it.

For Your Home

  1. Smoke Detectors: You will require smoke detectors in each bedroom that will be occupied by foster children as well as a smoke detector on each floor as per municipal requirements.
  2. Carbon Monoxide Detector: A carbon monoxide detector is required on each floor that will be used for any reason by foster children.
  3. Safe Storage: A place to lock up and store medication and child files is required.
  4. Fire Extinguisher: An all-purpose (ABC) fire extinguisher is required for your kitchen.
  5. Accomodations: You are required to provide a single bed for each foster child, adequate closet space and 3 dresser drawers per child.
  6. CSA Approval: You must have CSA approved cribs for infants and CSA approved car seats.
  7. Bedroom Sizes: Children over 1 year and under 15 years require 55 square feet of room available; Children 15 years of age or older and infants up to 1 year of age require 75 square feet of room available to them.
  8. A Canada Food Guide is required to be available within the home.
  9. Vehicle: You must have an appropriate size vehicle to safely transport the number of foster children in your care taking into consideration the their age, weight, other family members in approved car seats installed to legal standards.

Milestone Has Fun Too!

Milestone Foster Homes holds summer and winter functions to express our ongoing gratitude and thanks to our Foster Families. Every year, Milestone hosts a Holiday Celebration in the month of December for our foster families and all of their children. This annual event always includes an interactive venue with games, food and door prizes for all the children and foster parents.

In the month of July, Milestone honors all of our foster families, staff and Children’s Aid Society Workers by hosting an annual Picnic. Food and entertainment are provided however the highlight each year seems to be the draw for prizes: The children look forward to the opportunity to win as do our foster parents. The Grand Finale of the annual Picnic is Milestone’s foster parent draw for a Trip for 2 to Antigua. Since our inception, Milestone has been able to send 8 of our foster parents to the Island of Antigua to rejuvenate and re-energize!!

“I love all of the Milestone parties because I get to see some of my friends who are in foster care and we can win prizes. The music was really good at the picnic this year and the games at the Christmas party were really fun. My brother even won a colouring kit.”
Cynthia (age 12)